Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

March 2012 Favorites

March is almost over, so it is time for the monthly favorites. Unfortunately I don't have internet access at home because we are facing some problems with the local provider which is the K&K Austrian Post. So this post is a rather short one and I hope I will be able to return to regular postings in April.
March was a busy month, I was working a lot and at home I am still arranging things, working in the garden and building furniture. My favourites reflect that, I can fit them neatly in my (new) Clinique makeup bag that I got as a gift with purchase.

These are all my monthly favorites laid out on my desk. I tried a lot of new things in March, for example the Dior New Look Mascara and some Guerlain Products (thanks to the counter next to my house). I also received generous gifts for my birthday like the Estée Lauder Teal Topaz nail polish which I love wearing on my toes recently for a splash of color.

March was the month of screaming bright lip color thanks to the Shop/Cook collection, so I kept my eye makeup quite simple so that I don't look like a drag-queen ready for stage. I rediscovered the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows because they are easy to use. The brush that comes with them is fantastic to distribute the product evenly on the lid or draw an eyeliner.

I bought one of Jo Malones fragrance chronicles because I think the smell of roses is perfect for spring. But I found myself reaching for the additional small fragrance bottles even more.

My favorite lip products are MAC Watch me Simmer (which was hard to hunt down), MAC Quick Sizzle (which stains the lips but the color is still gorgeous), MAC Sheen Supreme Glasses in Kimono Dress (pink one) and Mango Sheen (orange one).

Due to unpacking and moving in my whole makeup I rediscovered the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eye shadows. They are so easy to use and a perfect match for the bright lip colors. When I read the blogger reviews about the new Diorshow New Look mascara I was quite hesitant to buy it but I am glad a received a sample from my friend A. in my birthday parcel. I really love the tiny wand it comes with which makes it so easy to reach every eyelash and coat it jet-black.

My obsession with Jo Malone Perfumes is a fact. Last time I went there I purchased one of their fragrance chronicle books. As I love their Red Roses fragrance I purchased The Story of Red Roses and found myself experimenting with different combinations though the month.

This month I've been loving my skull ballerinas from Zara which are comfy and stylish at the same time. As we have problems with our TV at the house too I read a lot using my new Kindle.
My friend B. gave me the cutest birthday present: a hippo on a key chain. I carry him (I suppose he's male) around all the time because he is so cute. On the picture he is sitting on my Kindle displaying the second book of The Hunger Games, these books are my current obsession.

Hopefully you all had a great month of March enjoying the great weather (at least in Austria it has been very sunny and warm lately). In April I'm looking forward to celebrate Easter with my husband's family in Styria, my husband's birthday (big party ahead) and a Glossybox event I will be attending.


  1. Lauter schöne Sachen ♡ ,man möchte alles davon haben :) .. vor allem das Schminktascherl! :))

    Liebe Grüße!

    1. das tascherl gabs bei Clinique wenn man 2 Produkte kauft gratis dazu. da waren auch ein paar schöne luxusproben drin, die habe ich aber alle verschenkt, weil ich eig. nur das tascherl wollte ;-)

  2. Hi Lilly,
    die Schuhe sind total schön, die gefallen mir auch, Hilfeeeeee!!! :-)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Simma froh, dass wir nicht bei Zara waren am Dienstag ;-) Die waren nicht so arg teuer, 49,90 haben sie gekostet. Aber du hast Kaufverbot!

  3. Traumhafte Sachen...hach...*sabber*
    Und die Schuhe sind genial!
    liebste Grüße

    1. es ist echt schwer ballerinas zu finden, die mir passen. und die haben totenköpfe drauf - was will man mehr? ;-)

  4. Schöne Sachen. Vorallem die Ballerina sind genial und würden perfekt mit einer meiner Taschen harmonieren.

    Watch Me Simmer ist ebenfalls Bombe ;)