Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

TAG: If my whole makeup would suddenly disappear ...

There is this German tag going on and although nobody tagged me I would like to join the tag-waggon and think about which things I would repurchase if my whole makeup would suddenly disappear.

First of all I would blame some evil fairy (pictured below) or a really bad person for stealing all my makeup, then I would start crying because I spent years putting my makeup collection together. Some of my products are very rare from old limited editions and I could not repurchase them, even if I'd like to.

The meaning behind this tag is to show your 10 beauty essentials you cannot live without. I assume that the thief did neither touch my brushes or my nailpolish-collection. Otherwise this would be impossible for me, I cannot do makeup without brushes.

So here are the 10 products I would repurchase asap.

1. MAC Matchmaster Foundation Shade 1
As you all know I suffer from facial erythrosis and I need liquid foundation for an even looking skin in my face. My foundation of choice is MAC's Matchmaster in shade 1. That's so funny, I never thought I would list a MAC foundation as my favorite foundation but I purchased it when it came out and never went back to my MUFE HD.

2. Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
Let's face it, I'm getting old so I need a line smoothing concealer for my under-eye darkness. This concealer is great because it provides coverage and does not collect in my fine lines.

3. MUFE HD Inivisible Setting Powder
Though my skin is dry, I need to set my concealer and my T-zone. This powder is very finely milled which leaves the skin looking almost bare after application.

4. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in Cherub
During the cold months I prefer liquid or cream blush to give a little colour and life back to my almost ghostly white looking skin. Daniel Sandler's Watercolourblushes are great because they look like airbrush. The colour Cherub is the bestselling colour of the line because it suits many different skintones.

5. Catrice Eyebrow-Duo
This eyebrow-set is great because it provides a great value for a minimum price. I alter between the two shades inside, depending on the roots of my hair showing less or more.

6. CHEAT: UDPP and MAC's Painterly Paintpot
I have to cheat on that one, because I could not decide which eye-primer I prefer. I use them both together to cover the discolouration on my eyelids. My skin is dry but my eyelids are quite oily so I need a primer because I hate creasing.

7. MAC Eyeshadow Short Shorts
This is my only limited edition product in this list. I use this as my face-highlighter and to highlight my browbone and the inner V of my eyes. Don't ask me about my numerous backups ...

8. Clinique Brush on Cream Eyeliner Black
My holy grail when it comes to gel eyeliner. It is smooth and so I can draw on the finest line without re-dipping the brush into the product. If everything else fails I could do a smokey eye with this liner as well.

9. Diorshow Iconic Mascara
This is so bad ... I know that Dior tests on animals and I still keep repurchasing this mascara because I did not find anything that does the trick for me like this mascara does. If you know a mascara that works similar to this one, please let me know because I hate the feeling that I get every day I apply this mascara thinking of the animal-tests.

10. Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry
I love red lips but I also like to condition my lips especially during the cold months. So this Chubby Stick would be my lipstick of choice because it is buildable and nourishes my chapped lips really well.

I would like to tag the following bloggers and would be pleased if they would do their 10 essential products too:

Chinda-Chan from Göttin der Finsternis
Meridith Jessica from Pigments and Palettes


  1. Hallo Lilly, ist der Clinique Chubby Stick Chunk Cherry der den du im Haas & Haas Haus (Zungenbrecher) draufhattest? Wenn ja, der ist echt wunderschön!!!

  2. @ Blusherine: Ja, genau den, den trage ich immer ;-)

  3. wow schöne ZUsammenstellung. Und stimmt, der Stick ist <3 :-)

  4. @ Ela: Ich fand den Stick zuerst sehr gewöhnungbedürftig, weil er mich an Wachsmalstifte aus meiner Kindheit erinnert hat. Aber das hat sich schnell gelegt und jetzt liebe ich das Teil. Vielleicht kaufe ich für den Sommer auch noch eine andere peachigere Farbe, mal sehen.

  5. Sehr gut sehr gut, dann kann ich ja jetzt notieren und mitschreiben! Der war echt wunderschön!

  6. @ Blusherine: Du weißt eh, Nyota hat eine Quelle, bei der es Clinique immer minus 20% gibt ...

  7. Ich glaub, dieses Mal werde ich passen... ist das ok? :-)

  8. Wow, thanks for tagging me! I will try to get around to doing this sometime :) Great list!

  9. @ chinda-chan: kein problem.

    @ meredith jessica: I even translated the whole tag in English just that I was able to tag you and I'm looking forward to reading your blogpost.