Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

MAC Daphne Guiness Collection Show and Tell

When it comes to beer, I'm not the kind of girl who orders a Guiness but I do like Daphne Guiness. She is a smoking hot blonde and she has her own MAC collection coming out January 2nd 2012 in Austria.

What did I purchase?
When I saw the first pictures online I was intrigued by the Interior Life eyeshadow quad. Sadly Temptalia rated it with an F, so I checked it out in person to see what it is really like. I was so happy that the pigmentation of the quad is good because I love the colours Interior Life and Bruised Sky. This quad will be my everyday business makeup and I see myself reaching for it a lot in the futute.
The pigments surprised me. I did not plan on getting any pigments because my pigment drawer is completty stuffed but I could not resist the pigment Nebula. This is such a gorgeous cooltoned brown with shimmer and it will make a perfect smokey eye. Aurora is a frosted rose-tinted brown, a perfect all over the lid colour when I like to sleep 10 minutes longer in the morning.
The highlight in this collection is the Red Dwarf lipstick. Honestly I like dwarfs, they know how to eat and to drink and they throw fabulous parties in their mines. This raspberry coloured lipstick can be worn for a night out or for a business meeting as well. I like the Pro Longwear formula lipsticks because they don't fade quickly.

What did I already own?
I already own Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre and Circa Plum pigment (not pictured, I forgot to get it out of the pigment drawer). Both products are great, especially the Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre is a very nice blush for fair beauties.

What did I skip and why?
I skipped all of the Creemsheen Glasses because I don't like them at all. Sadly the Approaching Storm lipstick was too brown for me and the other two lipsticks were just some we've-seen-it-all-before colours. Vintage Grape Blush Ombre is a nice colour but I do not see myself wearing it a lot.
I passed on the nailpolishes as well because I already own similar colours.

The good, the bad, the ugly
For me the Daphne Guiness collection has great neutrals in it, the Blush Ombres are a fabulous repromote and if you like the Pro Longwear forulation of lipsticks check the colours out, they are great. The promo picture showing Daphne Guiness in this hot leather bra/top is awesome and I will try to copy the makeup shown.
If you don't like neutrals this collection is nothing for you and you should raher check out the Iris Apfel collection which will only be available online at
Bluntly I don't get Temptalias rating of quads recently. All quads Christine rated F or worse I really liked. Maybe there are diffent quads in Europe and America.

What do you think of this collection? Will you get anything?


  1. Ja! Die Pigmente!
    Die mag ich sehr :)
    Liebste Grüße :)

  2. Oh ich muss glaub ich bei den ombre blushes zuschlagen!Der red dwarf sieht auch verlockend aus!

  3. Danke für deine Mail! Ich sag dann nach Samstag bescheid :) Mich hätte noch der Endless Night Nagellack interessiert, aber Essie Sand of a beach (was ich schon habe) ist glaub ich ein Dupe dafür.

    Hab dich übrigens getaggt es geht um Lippenstiftform und Persönlichkeit der Trägerin :D Würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachst! LG

  4. das quad gefällt mir von den farben sehr gut vllt schau ich es mir nochmal im laden an und habe dieses mal mehr glück mit der qualität....

    die blushes finde ich einfach traumhaft
    eine tolle le wie ich finde!

    liebe grüsse