Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Ruth gave me the stylish blogger award. Thank you so much, dear Ruth, I never thought I was a stylish woman! If you don't know Ruth's fabulous blog, please check it out, she does amazing makeups (especially the Flit-inspired one).

To accept the award I have to tell 7 more random facts about me and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs that I like.

On to the random facts about myself:

1. I hate muffins. I know this sounds strange but I simply don't like them.

2. My cats mean the world to me, they are my furry little children. I even call them daughter and son sometimes.

3. I just had acryllic nails one time (for my wedding) and I will never have them again.

4. Orange eyeshadow is missing in my makeup collection because I don't like the colour.

5. I own about 200 pairs of shoes and I love them all.

6. Every day I drink 3 to 4 liters of water otherwise I fell dehydrated.

7. Sice I started blogging I neglect my World of Warcraft obsession.

This award goes to:

1. Padmita
2. Behind the curtain
3. My Bathroom is my castle
4. Emily van der Hell
5. Bombones Malos
6. Blusherine
7: Victoria Scarlet

Hopefully these girls will accept the award! I think you are all stylish bloggers.


  1. Oh Danke für den Award!
    Werde in mich gehen und mir 7 Dinge überlegen, die die Welt über mich wissen muss! :o)))

    200 Paar Schuhe, das ist ein Traum!!

  2. Interessante Einblicke :) 3-4 Liter ist ein Haufen Zeug, ich bin froh, wenn ich 2 schaffe o.O

    Das mit den Katzen kann ich verstehen :)
    Danke für die EInblicke!

  3. Danke für den Award; werde mir was überlegen!

  4. You're welcome and I'm glad you decided to do the facts, that was cute... I love my cats too, but also orange eyeshadow. Hee! For a while it was my favourite colour but now I prefer blue.
    Ruth x