Montag, 30. August 2010

MAC Alice and Olivia

Die Alice and Olivia Kollektion von MAC war nur in den USA und in Asien erhältlich, ich habe es aber dennoch (dank der Hilfe meiner Freundinnen) geschafft, die von mir heiß begehrten Produkte zu ergattern. Heute traf mein Paket ein und versüßte mir den sonst so verhassten Montag.

MAC's Alice and Olivia Collection was released only in the US and Asia but with the help of my friends I got hold of the products I wanted. Today I fould a package in the mail, which turned my monday into a good start.

Was habe ich gekauft/ what did I get?
  • all Dazzleglass Cremes
  • Partylicious and If it sparkles ... Pigments
  • Military and So rich so pretty Nalpolish
Meine Favoriten vom ersten Eindruck her sind Sparkylicious Dazzleglass Creme und der Military Nagellack.

My favourites so far are Sparkylicious Dazzleglass creme and Military nailpolish.

Habt Ihr etwas aus der Kollektion ergattert?
Did you get something from the collection?

Sonntag, 29. August 2010

All you need is love

This weekend I was invited to a wedding and a christening in Styria at castle Obermayerhofen.

Bride and groom are friends of Merlin and so we had a very good time and enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as we hoped it would be so the picture is a little bit dark but you get the idea behind it ;-)

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Award: 10 Dinge ... (German Post)

I Paint My World hat mir einen Award verliehen - vielen Dank, meine Liebe! Um den Award anzunehmen, muss ich Euch 10 Dinge, die ich am liebsten habe verraten.

Also los gehts:
  1. Meinen Mann den Magier hinter der Linse
  2. Meine Katzen Selina und Freyja
  3. Mein Meerschweinchen Emily
  4. Lachen mit meinen Freunden, bis mir der Bauch wehtut
  5. den Herbst und vor allem den Spätherbst, denn da ist Halloween
  6. Musik von ASP der schwarze Schmetterling
  7. Meinen 250+ Paar Schuhschrank von IKEA, der aus allen Nähten platzt
  8. Roten Lippenstift und falsche Wimpern
  9. Comics (derzeit und auch sonst immer aktuell: Hellboy)
  10. Käsebrot mit Heidelbeermarmelade
Nun möchte ich den Award selbstverständlich gerne an folgende Leute weitergeben:

Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr mitmacht und mir eure 10 Dinge verratet, die ihr am liebsten habt!

Montag, 23. August 2010

Fringe Festival

Take heed, dear heart
Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you
Dressed as one
A wolf will betray a lamb

Lead astray the gazers
The razors on your seducing skin
In the meadow of sinful thoughts
Every flower`s perfect

To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear

Lyrics by Nightwish

Verwendet habe ich folgendes/ products used:
Le Blance the Chanel, MUFE HD Foundation No. 015, MUFE Lift Concealer, Dior Capture Totale Loose Powder No. 01 Bright Light, MAC Accentuate/ Sculpt Shaping Powder, MAC MSF Lightscapade, MAC Beauty Powder Flower Mist Dew
MAC Paintpot Paintery, MAC Eyeshadows, Nylon, Solar White, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass and Mylar, MAC Pigment Spiritualize, MAC Eyekhol Fascinating, UD Deluxe Liquid Liner Black, Red Cherry Lashes No. 505, Diorshow Iconic Mascara Black, Random Rhinestones from Claire's
MAC Brow Finisher Clear and MAC Eyeshadow Bark
MAC Prep and Prime Lips, MAC Lipliner Subculture, MAC Lipstick Blankety, MAC Dazzleglass Baby Sparks

Montag, 16. August 2010

Happy Birthday Selina!

Meine Selina feiert heute ihren 4. Geburtstag, heute gibts Katzenparty! Dieses Bild zeigt Selina als junges Kätzchen, die gerade ihr Milchgebiss verliert. Und sie gähnt auf dem Bild, sie schreit nicht.

Today is Selina's 4th birthday. This picture shows her as a kitten yawning.

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Scottland pictures

We got back from Scottland yesterday and I wanted to share some impressions with you. Unfortunately we did not see nessie but I fell in love with Scottland and will for sure return.

The above picture shows St. Andrew's cathedral in St. Andrews. The place was weird because it looked like a giant graveyard but was a cathedral hundreds of years ago.

This is Dunnotar castle, the castle I liked best. Maybe because its located next to the sea and I love the nothern sea.

Another cathedral - I forgot the name. Information overload ;-)

Urquart castle/ Loch Ness

I did not see nessie, but the lake was beautyful.

The above picture shows the castle of Elin Donan - maybe you know it from the Highlander movies.
This is lock Lomond in sunlight. We had the best Scottish weather ever, just one day of rain.

This is Edinbourgh castle. There were so many tourists there that I could not take good pictures.

When we visited Glasgow the World Piping Championships were held there. I love pipe music so it impressed me very much.
Statue of William Walace - thank God he does not look like Mel Gibson!

At the moment the fringe festival takes place in Edinbourgh. There are musicians and showacts everywhere. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to see everything we wanted to see but I'm sure I will be coming back because I lost my heart to Scottland.

Samstag, 7. August 2010

Scottland here we come ...

I'm going on vacation to Scottland for a week and I hope I will see famous nessie. ;-)

I wish you all a great week and I promise I will post pictures when I return.

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Raven Claws

I remember her as a child
Raven ... on and on with her raven claws
Craving ... on and on with her raven claws
How she lusts when she remembers
The night of her first blow
She always wanted to know
How far could she really go

Lyrics by Moonspell

Verwendet habe ich folgendes/ products used:
MUFE Primer Green, MUFE HD Foundation, MUFE Lift Concealer, Dior Loose Powder Capture Totale No. 001 Bright Light, MAC Blush Emote, MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom
MAC Paintpot Painterly, MAC Eyeshadows Gesso, Vellum, Crazy Cool, Shock-a-holic and Typographic, MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencil No. 23L, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack, MAC No. 47 Lashes, Diorshow Extase Mascara Black
MAC Brow Finisher Clear and MAC Eyeshadow Bark
MAC Prep & Prime Lips, NYX Lipliner Purple Rain, MAC Lipstick Violetta, MAC Dare to wear Lipglasse Ban this!
OPI That's Hot! Pink

Dienstag, 3. August 2010

MAC Digi Dazzle and MAC Dear to wear

MAC came up with two colour stories this August in Austria and I went to Vienna to check them out. First of all I was very excited about the Digi Dazzle collection because I'm a Dazzleglass freak. The other collection Dear to wear reminded me a lot of the MUFE mattes I already own, so I was not so much into it before I saw the products in person.

The Dear to wear eyeshadows are very well pigmented so I picket up four of them: Crazy Cool, Shock-a-holic, Louder, Please and Sassy Grass. There were many eyeshadows which were either repromoted or permanent at the PRO store, so I passed on them.

What really cought my eye were the new Dear to wear lipglasses. Hell, that's what a call a Lipgloss! Where have these fabulous products been in my life? I instantly fell in the love with the pigmentation and the effects and picked up all the cool colours from the collection: Bold & Brash (wich is not pink like the pigment Bold and brash), Dare to dare, Gimme that! and my new love Ban this!

Then I went on to the Digi Dazzle collection and started swatching all the lipsticks. They were all very glittery and pretty but then I wanted to take them off and had glitter all over my hand and my arm. The lipsticks are pretty messy and the glitter travels around. So I just picked up three of them: Hellraiser (which I had to get because of the name), Troublemaker (which reminds me of Emily the Strange and so I got it) and Liquid Lurex. The last one will be fabulous to layer over other lipsticks and even on its own it's a gorgeous shade.

As I already own most of the Dazzleglasses that came out with the collection and I did not like the pink Dazzleglass at all (why didn't they repromote Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass?) I just got Boys go crazy. This shade is perfect when layered over Violetta lipstick.

My thoughts on both of the collections:
I always check out all collections in person, because I can not make decisions based on pictures posted by other bloggers on the internet. I like to look at all the swatches in advance but I have to try the products out myself before I purchase them.
For me the Dear to wear lipglasses stand out the most, they are (at least for me) all I want when I reach for a lipgloss. If you don't like traveling glitter in your face pass on the Dazzle Lipsticks and pick a Dazzleglass instead.

Do you like the Collections? Did you purchase anything?