Dienstag, 3. August 2010

MAC Digi Dazzle and MAC Dear to wear

MAC came up with two colour stories this August in Austria and I went to Vienna to check them out. First of all I was very excited about the Digi Dazzle collection because I'm a Dazzleglass freak. The other collection Dear to wear reminded me a lot of the MUFE mattes I already own, so I was not so much into it before I saw the products in person.

The Dear to wear eyeshadows are very well pigmented so I picket up four of them: Crazy Cool, Shock-a-holic, Louder, Please and Sassy Grass. There were many eyeshadows which were either repromoted or permanent at the PRO store, so I passed on them.

What really cought my eye were the new Dear to wear lipglasses. Hell, that's what a call a Lipgloss! Where have these fabulous products been in my life? I instantly fell in the love with the pigmentation and the effects and picked up all the cool colours from the collection: Bold & Brash (wich is not pink like the pigment Bold and brash), Dare to dare, Gimme that! and my new love Ban this!

Then I went on to the Digi Dazzle collection and started swatching all the lipsticks. They were all very glittery and pretty but then I wanted to take them off and had glitter all over my hand and my arm. The lipsticks are pretty messy and the glitter travels around. So I just picked up three of them: Hellraiser (which I had to get because of the name), Troublemaker (which reminds me of Emily the Strange and so I got it) and Liquid Lurex. The last one will be fabulous to layer over other lipsticks and even on its own it's a gorgeous shade.

As I already own most of the Dazzleglasses that came out with the collection and I did not like the pink Dazzleglass at all (why didn't they repromote Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass?) I just got Boys go crazy. This shade is perfect when layered over Violetta lipstick.

My thoughts on both of the collections:
I always check out all collections in person, because I can not make decisions based on pictures posted by other bloggers on the internet. I like to look at all the swatches in advance but I have to try the products out myself before I purchase them.
For me the Dear to wear lipglasses stand out the most, they are (at least for me) all I want when I reach for a lipgloss. If you don't like traveling glitter in your face pass on the Dazzle Lipsticks and pick a Dazzleglass instead.

Do you like the Collections? Did you purchase anything?


  1. Ich wollte gestern zum Counter, aber mir hat es nicht mehr gereicht.
    Mich interessieren die Lippenprodukte und die Glosse sehen auf Deinen Bildern in der Tat fabelhaft aus.
    Wenn es mir noch reichen sollte, werde ich mir diese demnächst noch näher anschauen.

    Tolle Ausbeute hast Du gemacht, ganz viel Spaß mit den neuen Sachen!

    Viele liebe Grüße

  2. Hallo Lilly, toll geshoppt! :-) Ich hab mir auch 2 Dare to Wear Lipglasses besorgt, "Dare to Dare" und "Gimme that", aber ich habe sie noch nicht ausprobiert! Bin ja mal gepannt wie sie mir gefallen, nachdem ich mit den Superglasses immer noch kämpfe! *g* Letztens hat sich ein Glitterstückchen unter meine Nase verirrt, da bin ich selber erschrocken, als ich mich am Abend abschminkte! :o)

  3. I don't think we have this in Finland, at least not yet. I don't know much about MAC collections, I just buy if I find something I want :D I got Infused with glam lipstick from Digi-Pops, I liked almost all of the Dazzleglasses but those are just so small :(

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  4. Ich habe die Hellraiser und Sazzy Lippies bestellt. Hellraiser musste ich auch wegen des Namens habens. Ich mag den Song von Suicide Commando doch so gern. :)

  5. Oh ja, die Glosse sind in der Tat traumhaft schön. Deshalb konnte ich sie am Ende auch nicht auslassen, auch wenn ich dies eigentlich wollte.

    Hellraiser ist zwar keine Farbe, die ich kaufen würde, aber ich finde von den Schimmies her, ist er der spannendste Lippie der Kollektion.