Freitag, 14. August 2009

MeMe Blog Award

This is my first tag in English ... so please bear with me if I make mistakes.

I've been tagged by Illyriah for the MeMe blog award. According to the rules I would like to thank you Illyriah for tagging me, for the inspiration you give me with your beautyful makeup-looks and your extraordinary blog posts. To me you are more than a MAC-addict, you are an artist.

Furthermore I would like to nominate 7 other blogs. I decided to nominate both English and German blogs. In no particular order I would like to nominate:
  1. SchokoAddict
  2. Bellaqua
  3. Chinda-Chan
  4. Padmita
  5. Schminkmädchen
  6. Martha
  7. Doe Deere

Then I would like to share 7 personality traits so you can get to know me better:

Cat-lover: I have 2 cats (Selina and Freyja) who are my beloved furry children. My life has been even better since these two cats are a part of it.

Outgoing: I'm avery outgoing person, my friends would describe me als extroverted. This can be hard sometimes beacuse I talk and talk and talk and never stop :-)

Black humor: I have a great sense of black humor.

Artistic: I'm not an artist, I'm a f*** work of art (Marylin Manson). I'm a very artistic person, I paint, I write novels, I sing, I do makeup.

Heat-hater: Like Illyriah I can't stand the heat and if I could I would prefer to flee to Naggaroth where it is winter all year long.

Caring: I'm like those cute litte care-bears - I care about my friends very much. If there is something bad happening to them I will be by their side helping them to stand their ground.

Ambitious: There will never be a time in my life where I will not be pushing myself to be stronger, to be better. I will always keep going to reach my goals.


  1. Oh, ganz lieben Dank fürs Nominieren! Ich freu mich. :)

    Nominieren die Nominierten denn jetzt weiter? ^^

  2. selbstverständlich! du musst 7 weitere blogs nominieren.

  3. ebenfalls vielen dank für das nominieren! (=
    na dann werde ich mich da heute mal dran machen und gucken was bei raus kommt ;)